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Hud yer Wheesht
Hud yer Wheesht

Welcome to the website of Hud Yer Wheesht, we are a 4 or 5-piece funky Edinburgh ceilidh band. There's a definite "groove" factor to the Hud Yer Wheesht sound, and whatever the occasion, we emphasise the fun in ceilidhs and try to make it a good night for all.

With a typical line-up of drum kit, guitar, bass, flute (*) and fiddle, we are an experienced and professional sounding band. 21 years of getting folk up and dancing at ceilidhs has not diminished our enthusiasm and we keep the fun factor high by sticking to the easier dances - plus a couple of surprises up our sleeve.

We'll explain them all if required, but we've a pretty good idea of what will work and what won't work with a given crowd of folk. We're used to calling dances where a large portion of the guests don't know what to do, and if people just want to have a free for all and boogie around, thats fine with us. And if we break into a wee impromptu toe-tapper jamming session to fill the space between the dances, or to help get folk onto the dancefloor, we hope you dont mind.

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Hud yer Wheesht

Playing the Stockfest opening ceilidh in September 2012 (thanks to Jordan Moffat photography)

With a decent PA system we're serious about getting a good quality of sound, but can still set up with minimal fuss. We play at sports clubs, weddings, student functions, conferences, private parties, charity fundraisers in Scotland and occasionally farther afield. Read some of what people have said about us.

What kind of ceilidh band are you looking for ? Book a ceilidh band you can bop to ! Something a bit different ? Hud Yer Wheesht fits the bill. And we're not trying to over-cook the whole thing with lots of heavy drums and bass, we don't use electric guitar - it just needs a fine touch.

Hud yer Wheesht

(Thanks to Fern Wedding Photography, see photographer_credits for more info)

New updates (January 2016)

New 2016 ceilidh dates are listed on our gigs page: gig dates

* "The 'trad' ceilidh is getting a modern breath of fresh air..." - Hud Yer Wheesht are recommended see photos by the current Marco Polo Scotland travel Guidebook (2011/12 edition)

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Music samples

We have a selection of music samples to give you a taster, Click here for music samples page


Just contact us if you want to enquire about the band.

Hud yer Wheesht

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(*) Note: our 5-piece line-up sometimes includes a 2nd fiddle instead of the flute. And Munro might just get his Moothie out.